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Point Seven is the new seafood -focused restaurant from renowned chef Franklin Becker, and restauranteur Stephen Loffredo located in the iconic MetLife building. Chef Becker's menu honors the diverse preparations of seafood from around the world and showcases the breadth and depth of global techniques and flavors.

An Innovative Concept

By Chef Franklin Becker and
Restaurateur Stephen Loffredo

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A culinary experience that commences at the ocean.

Water, like a chameleon of emotions, flows through the canvas of existence, taking on abstract forms that illustrate the human experience, and mirror the moods and behaviors of our souls.


Water is not only a life-sustaining elixir, but a playful muse, that inspires artists to create masterpieces on its liquid canvas, reflecting the emotions of the human spirit through the artistry of brush and color.


In the hands of a talented chef, water transcends its elemental nature, becoming a conduit for the expression of culinary brilliance. It is the unseen thread that weaves through every dish, connecting the chef's vision to the hearts and taste buds of those who savor the artistry on their plates.

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“Every plate is a masterpiece, fresh and flavorful”

-Chef Franklin Becker




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